About us

We’ve been building software and websites for over 15 years (even longer if you include hacking DOS and web pages before the internet was really a thing) and while our skills and thankfully design skills have improved (no more flashing buttons) our passion for creating digital assets and using online strategies to increase eyes on your content is what we really strive to achieve.

We know that not everyone is up with the what the kids are speaking these days, and that is exactly where we come in. We can help you…

  • Figure out your first steps into the digital world if all you’ve ever had is a yellow pages listing;
  • Help you rediscover your lost/hard to find digital assets if something has happened with your previous developers;
  • Maintain any WordPress site;
  • Build or improve your existing WordPress site;
  • Work on your digital strategy to help achieve your online goals.

Check out our services for our full offering.

What’s with all the geeks?

We think everyone has something they like to geek out about. Be it plumbing, cars, manufacturing equipment, space, fashion, marketing or anything else, we think that’s cool and we’re always interested in learning about someone else’s passion so we can best share it with the universe.

The universe, seriously?

While being digital geeks, we’re also massive space fans. Don’t get us started on the latest SpaceX launch or the possibilities of living on Mars or the Moon. We can talk for hours about it. Best to have a Friday afternoon beer and discuss it more.