WordPress Care Plans

Want to make sure your website runs at optimum speed, quality and security year-round?

Most websites now use Content Management Systems (CMS) to make it easier for editing, adding new functionality and helping to manage online business presence. With websites constantly running and being accessible by everyone on the Internet, they need to be constantly maintained and monitored to ensure they are up-to-date, secure and always running at their best.

Emu Ninja has put together the plans below to help everyone with a WordPress (a common CMS) website ensure their site is worried about by us and not you.

Our Basics package includes everything a small business site needs to keep their site up-to-date and monitored. Our Premium package adds unlimited small changes to your site to help keep the content fresh. While our Elite package brings an live dashboard and SEO tracking to keep you in the loop on everything happening in your space.

Plans and pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do we know if our site is on WordPress and will your plans apply to our site?
A: Usually you’ll find your site’s admin page on /wp-admin but if you’re not sure, get in touch and we can take a look.
Q: How often are the WordPress core and plug-ins updated?
A: Generally, on our basic plan, once a month if there are updates available. On our Premium/Elite plans, twice a month. However if there is a security fix released for one of your plugins or WordPress we will update them as soon as possible. In rare cases we will choose to not update a plugin if that will cause ongoing issues or has known outstanding issues that will affect the stability of your website.
Q: What is included in a small change?
A: If you’re on our Premium/Elite plans, we include any small change to your website that would take less than 30 minutes to complete, without any custom coding required. If you need an image updated, a new redirect added for an advert that’s just gone live, some content updated, a new blog post uploaded, etc. If you’re not sure if it’s included, email it through and our team will get back to you with a cost if it will take longer than 30 minutes.

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